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What is Ajo?
We are on a mission to make travel seamless starting with eSims. We want to find partners that are passionate about travel and experiences.
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Who is a  Good Partner for Ajo?

“If your blog targets travel or tech enthusiasts, or if you manage an eSIM-related site or online business focused on travel, Ajo offers an ideal collaboration.”

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Why should you be a Partner?

By partnering with Ajo, you will be providing your followers with the finest eSIM solution from a partner who really believes travel should be seamless. They will appreciate your support in helping them save on connectivity costs.

  • Benefit from a 24/7 support team and ready-to-use brand assets.
  • Earn enticing commissions by directing your readers, followers, site visitors, or customers to Ajo for their eSIM purchases.
  • Recruit your own followers and influencers and make money when they make money
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Looking for something more custom?
If there’s another partnership option you’re looking for, or if you just need clarity on an existing partnership option, drop us a line at [email protected] and we will be in touch.
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