Refund Policy

The Refund Policy shall apply uniformly to all purchases made through the online store of Ajo. Before making a purchase, please read the Refund Policy thoroughly. All references in this Refund Policy as “we”, “our” and “us” are references made to Ajo _ and references as “you” and “your” are references made to the customers of eSIMs.

You will receive a confirmation email with the QR code immediately after you purchase your eSIM. Once the eSIM has been provided through email, Ajo cannot stop its use because it is a digital product. For this reason, unless otherwise expressly stated, it is no longer possible to return or receive a refund for your eSIM once you have made your purchase from the email you used in your transaction.

When can you receive a refund?

  1. If the eSIM cannot be installed and used due to a technical problem originating from Ajo;
  2. If activation of eSIM is not possible following extensive troubleshooting;
  3. If an eSIM is already in use and an issue arises that originates from Ajo and the issue cannot be resolved, then a refund will be issued for the remaining data or for the number of days you could not access the Internet for this reason, less the number of days that you were able to connect to the Internet.

When you cannot get a refund:

  1. If you provide us with an incorrect email, we are unable to issue a refund. Although we can resend the eSIM to a different email address, we cannot ensure that the recipient will not utilise the eSIM;
  2. If your smartphone does not support eSIM, we are unable to give a refund. Customers can check their device’s compatibility by contacting Ajo support team which offers a list of compatible devices, however, the list may not be exhaustive or updated;
  3. If you decide you no longer need the eSIM or have a change of mind, we cannot give you a refund. Once the eSIM has been transmitted, Ajo is powerless to stop its use. Thus, we are unable to issue a refund for your purchase;
  4. Each data package has its own validity period. No refund will be offered for the remaining data when the validity period expires;
  5. No refunds will be issued if there are charges from alternate phones, alternate SIM cards, or other charges that are not directly linked to the customer’s eSIM account with us;
  6. Ajo reserves a right to refuse refund if there is any evidence of abuse, violation of our terms and conditions or any fraudulent activities that are connected with using our products and services;
  7. In case of claims of unauthorized purchases, the matter will be subject to investigation and approval before processing any refund;
  8. We do not honor claims of accidental purchases. Once customers install the eSIM, it will be considered as used. No refunds of any form will be offered then;
  9. If the refund request is not listed within the above, then we will investigate the request on a case-by-case basis. If the refund is approved, a processing fee may apply. The maximum refund that may be provided in any event is the total amount paid by the customer.

Refund Process

To request a refund, please contact our support team at We may ask you for further information to support your refund request. The amount will be refunded as a credit on the original payment mode. If a refund is approved and issued, it may take 7 business days to appear on your account of the chosen mode of payment.