Why Ghana Should Be Your Vacation Destination This Holiday Season

Why Ghana Should Be Your Vacation Destination This Holiday Season

The simple answer? Ghana is a gorgeous, safe, and diverse country. For too many reasons it is one of the travelers' favorites.  Its fascinating history, fashion style, lively people and delicious food adds to the beauty of this great country. Let's take a look at factors that make Ghana such a special travel destination.


Ghana was once the seat of a flourishing empire grown rich from the country’s massive gold deposits – the Ashanti kingdom. The wealth of gold reserves attracted colonies from Europe, shaping the modern Ghana as we see today. The history of slavery is also intrinsic to Ghana. Forts and castles built to support the trade are reminders of the gory past. They are UNESCO World Heritage Site, turned into museums that resonate with stories of the slave trade.

Fashion Style

The fashion style in Ghana is a mixture of both traditional and western clothes. It is known for its use of vibrant colors and electric prints. The fashion hub is bursting with local artisans and designers, all of whom specialize in reinventing traditional kente or fugu clothes with a modern twist. Notable fashion events are held in Ghana like the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Accra.


Cassava and plantain are two of the usual staple meals in the southern region of Ghana. Millet and sorghum are two of the key staple foods in the northern region. The staple foods in Ghana include yam, maize, and beans. The Ghanaian diet and cuisine place a lot of emphasis on sweet potatoes and cocoyam. You'll find meals like Akple, Banku, Mmore, Kenkey and Tuo zaafi very delicious.

Scenic Locations in Ghana

Ghana is a tropical paradise with spectacular national parks, dazzling beaches and amazing tourist sites, forts, castles and mud mosques. Find thousands of wildlife and exotic bird life in the Kaku, Bia and the Mole National Park. Immerse yourself in the butterfly sanctuary in Bobiri, and the monkey sanctuary of Wechiau. N You can enjoy some natural sightings in the private beaches.  Some too are great for yachting, skiing, sport fishing or surfing.

Affordable, Less Touristy, and Welcoming Hospitality

Ghana is like an untapped gold mine for travelers. It has not been fully explored yet, you can take advantage of a less-frequented travel place up until it becomes a well-liked tourist attraction. You can anticipate traveling on a simple budget and frequently getting more than you paid for because it is less touristy. The people of Ghana are naturally friendly and welcoming, and they like showcasing their vibrant new modern incarnation. As a result, if you enter a hotel, restaurant, or home in Ghana, be prepared to be greeted with the traditional "Akwaaba." Ghanaians go out of their way to make you feel welcome and let you take in the kaleidoscope of cultures and hues that is the country's essence, with faces adorned in smiles, bows, and divine hospitality.


Stay Connected Throughout Your Stay

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