Why AfroSim e-SIM for Africa?


Afrosim understands the growing need faced by mobile users on the African continent, including increasing the availability of low-cost e-SIM devices and changing perceptions that the technology is prohibitively expensive. For instance, mobile technologies and services in Africa generated 8% of GDP in 2021, but nearly 800 million people in the region are still not connected to the mobile internet.

Across Africa, the average cost of an entry-level smartphone exceeds 60% of the average monthly income, making them inaccessible to many people. These are barriers to overcome despite improved wireless coverage thanks to growing 4G LTE network infrastructure deployments. However, these barriers do not change the fact that the market is broadening and demand is skyrocketing, especially external demand for seamless mobile connectivity in Africa.


How Afrosim is Helping to Bridge The Digital Divide. 

With its core focus in African countries, Afrosim offers many benefits when you're traveling abroad. The ease of service speeds up activation and onboarding, eliminates distribution costs, and meets new purchasing demands.

Given that parts of Africa are in the unique position of having rising smartphone adoption and penetration rates with the potential to grow further ­– in Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, the adoption rate will hit 65% in 2025, at which point half the population will have a smartphone. Afrosim has positioned itself as an e-SIM solution provider focused on African destinations. Afrosim passionately believes that e-SIM technology has the potential to change the lives of millions of travelers, and tourists in Africa

In this hyper-connected world, Afrosim e-SIM store allows travelers to securely and remotely activate and manage their e-SIM cellular subscriptions, they deliver a seamless customer experience, and keep e-SIM-ready devices connected with its 24/7 customer support. 

An eSIM Solution for Travelers

There's a lot to keep track of as you plan your trip. Tickets, check-in times, hotel booking, sightseeing, transactions, not to mention documenting your travel experience on the internet. These are just some of the things you'll be needing uninterrupted internet access for as you travel abroad. Using wi-fi hubs is restricting and even unreliable. Roaming would be a better option however,  the cost you'll accumulate at the end of your trip does not make it worthwhile. But, an e-SIM is a solution that allows you to stay connected and keep costs affordable. It offers : 


Instant Delivery

Imagine having to hunt down a mobile service store to pick up a sim card the moment you touch down. That will be unnecessary time you’re wasting before you set off on your vacation. With AfroSim, you can download your e-SIM whenever it’s convenient and have access the moment you arrive at your destination.

Control of Your SIM

How about never stressing about keeping track, changing, and storing sim cards? not to mention the increased risk of losing them owing to their very small sizes. That’s too much burden and risk of loss for something that important. With AfroSIM, we make sure you’ll never lose a card again (unless you lose your phone).

Ease Of Use

Instead of fumbling with a physical sim, you can download your AfroSim data bundles in 3 simple steps and never have to worry while traveling again.

  • Step 1. Go to the Afrosim website; choose your destination and data package to make a purchase.

  • Step 2.  Go ahead and install your e-sim.

  • Step 3.  A QR code will be sent to your email immediately. Scan and your profile is all set.

The cellular world is changing, and how we use our data on our devices is becoming a seamless process. A process that is possible by simply activating an e-SIM.

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