Step By Step - How To Set Up An e-SIM On Your Oppo Device

Step By Step - How To Set Up An e-SIM On Your Oppo Device

Indeed, not all devices are e-SIM enabled, but for those that are, you'll need some settings correctly in place to make the best use of it or even activate it at all. 

You can utilize an e-SIM in your Oppo device in addition to your standard SIM. With the help of an e-SIM, which is a digital SIM, you can activate a price plan without a real SIM. You must connect your phone to the internet or a Wi-Fi network to activate your e-SIM. But first, let's learn the basics of an e-SIM.

What is an e-SIM
An e-Sim is a digital sim that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without having to use a physical sim card.

They help alleviate some problems associated with traditional sim cards. For instance, if you've ever had to take a sim card out of your phone you know it's so small and easy to lose. So imagine having to change them every time you go on a trip or trying to hunt down a local sim card so you don't pay roaming charges. A feat that will either take you to a store on arrival or even have you wait for someone to ship you a new sim card. That's a lot of sweat you don't have to break. 

What mobile devices support e-sims?

The e-sim digitization craze has had more and more devices upgrading to support it. Samsung led the pack with an e-sim installation in its GEAR S2 smartwatch back in 2016, and Galaxy Note devices later on. Google introduced it in its Pixel 2 smartphone sometime in 2017.

Apple also included e-sims in its Apple watch since late 2017, this has expanded to every iPhone since the XR and XS models. The newest iPhone 14 e-SIM only device soon to arrive in the U.S is an indication that Apple is pivoting entirely to e-SIM technology. Here is a list of all mobile devices that support e-SIM

Of course, e-sims are expected to grow in popularity considering their ease of use with over 60 countries already adopting the technology. If you're looking to get e-sim technology as a traveler in Nigeria or Ghana here is the easiest way to tick that off your list.  

How to set up your e-SIM on your Oppo device.

Step 1 

Slide two fingers downwards starting from the top of the screen.

Step 2

Press the settings icon.

Step 3

Press SIM card & mobile data.

Step 4

Press e-SIM.

Step 5

Press Enable.

Step 6

Press e-SIM.

Step 7

Press Add.

Step 8

Press Next.

Step 9

Place the QR code you've received inside the phone camera frame to scan the code. To get an AfroSIM QR code, go to, choose a destination and preferred prepaid data plan, and a QR code will be sent to your email.

Step 10

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the e-SIM activation.

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