Sim Cards in Ghana

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Let's take a trip to Ghana and find out if local sim cards or roaming are the best internet options for a traveler in the country. And like I always do I'll show you the best pocket-friendly and secure alternatives.

If you're considering ways to stay connected to the internet during your trip you might be looking at options like SIM cards, prepaid e-SIM, free WIFI, and pocket WIFI. How convenient will these options be for you? Let's find out.

To start, you should steer clear of exorbitant roaming fees. When visiting Ghana, be sure to turn off data roaming on your home SIM card because a few minutes of roaming might quickly add up to a significant expense.

Second, don't depend on international data plans. These roaming packages are pricey in the first place and slow down data transmission, thus, can be incredibly unreliable.

Buying a SIM Card At Accra International Airport

As the 5th cheapest African nation to get mobile data, SIM cards are pretty affordable in Ghana. With just $0.35 you can purchase a SIM card from any of the four major mobile operators, I.e., MTN, Vodafone, Glo, and AirtelTigo.

Sadly, Accra Kotoka International Airport lacks an official mobile internet selling outlet. However, the Spice Digital shop, which is on your left as you exit the arrivals hall, still sells prepaid sim cards for Ghana. Only Vodafone prepaid sim cards are available, and they cost twice as much as those found in the city's official stores.

SIM Cards In Ghana

There are 4 main SIM cards in Ghana: Glo, Airtel/Tigo, Vodafone, and MTN.

As I mentioned earlier, prices for prepaid sim cards in Ghana are cheap for tourists so the focus would be on the network strength. Although there are four service providers in Ghana, the best rated in terms of network coverage are MTN and Vodafone.  Here is a comparison of both

Vodafone Ghana

A new prepaid Vodafone Ghana sim card is free for tourists and can be bought at any official Vodafone store. They offer the following data plans:

















MTN Ghana

A prepaid MTN Ghana sim card can also be ordered for free at any official retail store of MTN Ghana. MTN offers only monthly data plans:















If you are not in a rush from the airport, you have the option of visiting an official store of any of the above providers in Accra's downtown. You will need  your passport to register the new Ghana sim card. However, an easier alternative right from your mobile device would be purchasing and activating an e-SIM.

 E-sim For Ghana

You can avoid desperately looking for a sim shop or free Wi-Fi and get yourself an e-sim card for Ghana. Everything can be done online in just a few minutes on Afrosim.

Afrosim is an international online store where you can purchase an e-Sim in three easy steps without changing your device (if it's e-Sim enabled) or your original phone number.

Visit the Afrosim store, select a location, get an email with a code, follow the instructions and you are all set within minutes.

Is There 5G In Ghana?

MTN Ghana had started a pilot program for the rollout of 5G in Ghana. However, they pulled back on it due to a lack of licenses from authorities. At the moment there is no 5G in Ghana.

Also, the last reminder is that you can arrange everything online by ordering an e-sim card for Ghana HEREI hope all the above tips for staying connected in Ghana are helpful for your upcoming trip. 

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