How eSIMs are revolutionizing family travel in 2023

How eSIMs are revolutionizing family travel in 2023

The rise of eSIMs is set to revolutionize family travel in 2023 and beyond. As more and more travelers look for ways to stay connected while on the go, eSIMs provide an easy and affordable way to stay connected.

For a family holiday, eSIMs offer several benefits over traditional SIM cards. 


Convenient and easy to use

eSIMs are much more convenient to use. With a traditional SIM card, you need to physically swap out the card every time you travel to a new country or region, which can be annoying, especially if you're traveling with kids. 

With an eSIM, you can simply download a new profile to your device, making it easy to switch between different networks as you travel.


More affordable to roaming costs

eSIMs are often more affordable than traditional SIM cards. This is because eSIM providers can offer more flexible and personalized packages that are tailored to the specific needs of each traveler. 

For example, if you only need data for a short period of time, you can purchase a data-only plan that's designed for short-term use. Or if you need to make a lot of international calls, you can choose a plan that includes unlimited international calling.

Never run out of data

With an eSIM, you never have to worry about running out of data or minutes while you're traveling, since you can easily add more as needed. This means you can stay connected to your loved ones back home, even if you're in a remote or unfamiliar location.


Great for kid's ipads/tablet

eSIMS are great when traveling with children as they can also be used in tablets. Although most hotels and resorts have free wifi,  however,  there may be times when your kids want to chill by the pool, on the beach, or at a restaurant, and be on an iPad or tablet. 

Having an eSIM installed on their devices allows you to buy data and not worry that it will run out or be expensive. 

Help you to be super organized

We all know that when traveling with family you need to be super organized and plan ahead. One thing that can be frustrating is when you land at your destination and you need to make a call or send a message, but it is not possible. 

Having an eSIM installed on your phone with data allows you to be connected as soon as the plane lands on the runway. 


In addition to these benefits, eSIMs also offer a range of other features that can be especially useful for family travelers. For example, eSIM providers offer built-in location tracking, so you can easily keep track on your kids or other family members as they travel. Some eSIMs also come with built-in security features that can help protect your devices from malware, viruses, and other online threats.

With AJO eSIMs it will make your family holiday easier, more affordable, and more convenient than ever to stay connected while on the go. 

When planning your next family trip, make sure to check out our online store and data packages to help you stay connected. 

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