E-SIM - A Travelers Hack

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Remember the last time you switched carriers? You probably just touched down at an airport. You had to go through the frustrating process of getting a local sim card. You had to find a pin-like object, and insert it into a tiny hole to pick a small chip out of the side or back of your phone to replace it with a new one.

These little chips or sim cards relay your information to your device and authenticate your cell phone, more like letting the carrier know that the phone belongs to you. But they've seen a series of evolution.

Over time, sim cards have evolved from huge oversized cards to mini sims cut from the big credit card size. Later on, there was the introduction of micro sims which had the same thickness as the normal sim but much smaller in footprint.  This also birthed the nano sim which came with a lesser thickness and size.

Truth is, these chips will soon become history, replaced by e-sims that let you connect with your device digitally. Also known as an embedded sim, digital sim, or e-sim, they are an advanced substitute for actual sim cards. So if you're new to this, a  tourism professional or just considering e-sim options then you should read along.

What is an e-Sim?

An e-Sim is a digital sim that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without having to use a physical sim card.

They help alleviate some problems associated with traditional sim cards. For instance, if you've ever had to take a sim card out of your phone you know it's so small and easy to lose. So imagine having to change them every time you go on a trip or trying to hunt down a local sim card so you don't pay roaming charges. A feat that will either take you to a store on arrival or even have you wait for someone to ship you a new sim card. That's a lot of sweat you don't have to break.

How does an e-Sim make your traveling easier?

Solves your traveling connectivity needs

An e-Sim is a massive travel hack for travelers in 2022. It revolutionizes the way you stay connected as you travel the world while also connecting with clients, friends, and family. 

Here's how:

You can activate your data plan instantly as soon as you get off the plane, while still maintaining your usual number and physical sim card. Also, with an e-Sim, there's no need for dual SIM cards or multiple phones. 

Are e-sims really secure?

You might wonder since e-sims are activated remotely as opposed to sim cards, are they really any more or less secure? In actuality, both sim cards and e-sim are vulnerable to bad actors. Sim cards have been hacked for years now and e-sims require access to the cloud which opens them up to breaches.

However, e-sims can be updated over the years. If there is a security issue, carriers or cloud providers can patch those up whereas a hacked sim card is not as easy to correct.

Are e-sims more cost-effective?

Although things are still a bit more complicated than they should be with some e-sim providers, the e-sim technology makes staying connected overseas much cheaper and easier. That can be true, at least for some travelers, that is, if you're looking to manage your connectivity while traveling to Ghanaian and Nigerian destinations all using Afrosim.

What mobile devices support e-sims?

The e-sim digitization craze has had more and more devices upgrading to support it. Samsung led the pack with an e-sim installation in its GEAR S2 smartwatch back in 2016, and Galaxy Note devices later on. Google introduced it in its Pixel 2 smartphone sometime in 2017.

Apple also included e-sims in its Apple watch since late 2017, this has expanded to every iPhone since the XR and XS models. The newest iPhone 14 e-SIM only device soon to arrive in the U.S is an indication that Apple is pivoting entirely to e-SIM technology.

Of course, e-sims are expected to grow in popularity considering their ease of use with over 60 countries already adopting the technology. If you're looking to get e-sim technology as a traveler to Nigeria or Ghana here is the easiest way to tick that off your list.  



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