Best e-SIM For Ghana

Best e-SIM For Ghana


Activating an e-SIM before or during your Ghana trip is the best way to stay connected. This is because with an e-SIM you get to make zero changes on your phone number, WhatsApp, or other social media messaging apps. What is more? You don't have to worry about exorbitant roaming charges.

The hassle-free activation process of an e-SIM makes it convenient for tourists to use as it is all online. When you make a purchase, a QR code is emailed to you. You can then scan it and get your profile activated. 

How To Activate Your e-SIM Service

There are a few prepaid e-Sim data plans available to tourists in Ghana. Which is why travelers in this destination have found Afrosim e-SIM to be a seamless and reliable choice. When you've determined how many days you'll be spending in Ghana you can go ahead and choose a data package suitable for you. With this you can enjoy:

  • Instant activation when you scan your QR code
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Maintaining your original number on your cell phone.
  • Safety from unsafe public WIFI networks.

Remember that you’re buying internet data and not credits for sending text messages/SMS, or making phone calls. You can use regular messaging apps for these like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, or iMessage.

Once you have your e-Sim confirmation, a QR code will be sent to your email. You can open this QR code on a separate device (maybe a laptop) to enable you to scan it using your own device. 

How To Get An e-SIM Data Package For Ghana

To get an Afrosim e-SIM data package for Ghana, you need to first make sure that your phone supports the e-Sim functionality. This is important because not all devices are e-SIM enabled. Older versions of most mobile phones may not support this feature. Check out the list of e-SIM-enabled devices HERE.

Check If Your phone is Unlocked

Now your phone is e-SIM enabled, you must confirm if it is open or unlocked. This is important since your e-SIM provider will be the data source for your device.

When your device is locked, it means it was purchased with a data plan or carrier service where you make monthly payments until your contract expires. This is done sometimes to allow the user to get the phone at a discount or for free.

If your phone is locked then you will get an error message when you try to install an e-SIM service. You need to contact the operator that you bought the phone from and ask them to unlock it. They will unlock it remotely. Unless you do this you will not be able to ever install any e-SIM service.

Step By Step Activation Of An e-SIM

  • Go to
  • Choose your destination
  • Select and buy your preferred prepaid plan
  • Scan the QR code sent to your inbox and activate



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