Annual Events In Nigeria That Attracts Tourists

Nigeria host events that keep locals and tourists engaged and entertained all year round. Some of these events are significant to the culture of the Nigerian people. Here are different festivals that pull extraordinary surprises for everyone, and make Nigeria one of the most unusual countries in the world.

Calabar carnival

Heard of Africa's biggest street party? This is it. The Calabar Carnival is held in Cross River state every December. It is the longest tourism event in the whole of West Africa. This year, it will run for the entire month until new years eve.

You can join two million other travelers and witness over 25 different countries display their cultural heritage in dance, parade, and cultural competitions.

New yam festival

The new yam festival is celebrated by almost every ethnic group in Nigeria, but it's particular with the Igbo tribe. It is called Orureshi in the Idoma area, Iwa ji, Iri ji or Ike ji, Otute depending on the dialect. It is held at the end of the rainy season in early August. The joy of the new yam festival is with various cultural and community groups performing different dances, dramas, acrobatics. The new yam festival is a time of celebration and giving for most Nigerian communities. In the Igbo land, yam is the king of all crops and thus is cherished and respected. Without performing this festival as individuals or in groups, no full-fledged or matured man eats new yam in Igbo land.

Sango Festival

The Sango festival is a festival held among the Yoruba people in honor of Sango, a thunder and fire deity who was a warrior and the third king of the Oyo Empire after succeeding Ajaka his elder brother. The festival is usually held in August at the palace of the Alaafin of Oyo. Sango is widely regarded as the founding father of Oyo state. According to history, he was a notable strong ruler and magician who became king of the Oyo Empire. It's believed that he brought prosperity to the people of the Oyo empire during his reign.

The Sango festival is a special 10 days event characterized with pomp and pageantry. Worshippers and visitors can be seen in a happy mood. The worshippers are usually adorned with white or red attire. Visitors from across the nation as well as fans of the festival from other nations like Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Caribbean attend the festival.

Argungu International fishing and cultural festival

The Agungu festival is Africa's biggest fishing celebration. This festival is also known as the Argungu Dance Festival. It is an annual four day festival in kebbi state and northern states like Niger in the north-west part of Nigeria. It runs between late February and March.

The region is made up of fertile river areas with majority of Islamist fishermen. Kanta Museum is the main historical Centre in Argungu for visitors across the globe. People from around the world travel to Argungu just to witness the occasion. The main purpose of the Argungu fishing festival is for fishing and unity. 

Durbar festival 

One of the most vibrant events in the northern region of Nigeria is the durbar festival, also known as Hawan Sallah or Hawan Daushe.

It shows a regal procession of tens of thousands of men riding horses and wearing various colorful costumes. The festival, which is often held at the conclusion of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha celebrations, begins with prayers and is followed by a vibrant musical procession of the Emir and his horses.

The event continues after the parade at the Emir's palace with a number of competitions and vibrant displays. A fantastic version of African music from the nation's north is also included.

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