All You Need To Know About Your First e-SIM

So you're ready to purchase your first e-SIM. Guess what? You're about to join thousands of others who are switching to digital sim packages and for obvious reasons this is a decision you would wish you had made earlier. To make your e-SIM experience flawless here are the boxes you have to tick first.

Internet connection

If you're wondering whether you need an internet connection to set up your e-SIM, the answer is yes. When you begin this step, ensure you have Wi-Fi access because setting up an e-SIM requires an online connection. After you buy an e-SIM, you should receive a QR code. To make scanning and setting up easier, go ahead and open this email from another device, preferably a laptop or computer, this way you can scan the QR code easily using your phone.

When to set up

You can set up just before you leave your home country or the moment you arrive at your destination. Bear in mind that your data duration starts to count the moment you activate your e-SIM, so make sure not to do it if you aren't moving yet.

Plan type

AfroSim e-SIM plans are 'data only.'  This means that it provides your device with the data it needs to connect to the internet. With data-only e-SIM, excellent coverage and greater connectivity is assured because it can connect to major networks. When you navigate to the plan type section on the website, you'll find different data package plans to choose from. 

Download your e-SIM

You are one step closer. Scanning your QR code will enable you to download the e-SIM to your phone following a prompt to download. Click on the prompt. Since you have one or two sim cards already on your mobile device it is advisable to give the newly downloaded data plan a name.  

Now it's time to choose your new data plan as *data-only*. This way you can keep your original SIM for SMS and calls or use telephony apps to make calls with your e-SIM data. 

Top up option

AfroSim data plans are one off data plan. This means you have to install and activate a new e-SIM should you exhaust your your data. So during your initial purchase, ensure you choose a plan suitable for your needs.  If you exhaust your data, activation of a new plan is quick and easy. Select another plan for the country or region and activate it from the AfroSim website.


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