5 Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Trip

5 Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Trip

Imagine making all the plans to have a swell vacation only to get to your destination and fall ill, what a waste that'll be. Nothing else will seem to matter because you need to be healthy to have fun and make the most of your travel experience. 

The truth is, staying healthy while traveling is all about making healthy choices before and during your trip.  You don't have to hire a health expert to pull this off so relax, no one is spending any money.  Here's how.

Get enough sleep 

Getting enough sleep before your trip has never been better advice, you're about to cross time zones, that's a disruption of your circadian rhythm and thus, your immune system can be compromised. Why not try shifting your sleep pattern to adjust to that of your supposed destination? But let's say you can't do that because of work or other activities, then you can try to eat light during your flight, and steer clear of alcohol and caffeine.


Have your first aid kit handy

If you're unsure of what to include in your first aid kit, then you should take into consideration any medical condition you might have, your destination, the type of travel, and the duration of your stay. You should also take note of the following:

  • Keep all medications in the original packaging so officials at the airport can easily identify them.
  • If you've got an existing medical condition, consult with your doctor for advice on medication management.
  • Come along with your prescriptions for two reasons, first, you might need them to be cleared at the port, and secondly, what if you need a replacement?


Stay hydrated at all times

I can guess you'll be on the move for the most part. From attraction sites to clubs, restaurants, galleries, and the like so it's easy to lose track of how much water you're drinking. Here's the best way to stay on track, make a water bottle a permanent part of your bag. Be sure to have enough water when you wake up in the morning or during breakfast. It's a great way to wake your organs up with you and stay sharp.

Experience the local food but don't overdo it

If you're anything like me then you look forward to exploring local and international restaurants in your destination. You must take caution, especially if you're traveling to a less developed country. Ensure the restaurants are of high standards and adhere to culinary hygienic practices. If you're traveling to Ghana or Nigeria you can find a guide HERE containing the best restaurants to eat healthily.

Even though it can be tempting with high-end restaurants that prepare all-inclusive, mouth-watering dishes, you must be careful to not overindulge. Remember you still need to be active and alert to experience the rest of your stay.


Exercise is good for your body, whether you’re at home or traveling. Exercise bolsters your immune system and releases feel-good hormones. So if you can’t fit in time at a gym then try incorporating other physical activities into your day. You can:

  • Take the stairs ahead of the elevator 
  • Explore local sites by walking or riding a bike, 
  • Do pushups, jumping jacks, or yoga. Some of these can be done right in your hotel room

Stay connected in case of a medical emergency

You might be by yourself during your trip but you don't have to be out of touch. Be sure to have seamless mobile connectivity that works perfectly for your destination. If you're traveling to Nigeria or Ghana, an Afrosim e-SIM should be activated on your unlocked device for 24/7 data access to stay in touch with your health professional. 

Stay healthy. 

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